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Dental Implants: What To Know

Dental implants are useful for those who have lost one or more teeth. In short words, they are metal replacements for your tooth roots. With these you will have a fixed and permanent replacement for teeth that have been removed, which are fitted with caps that look just like regular teeth.

Here in Los Algodones, Mexico we offer this service at a good price, which you are free to check out. For those who ha ve lost more than one teeth, we suggest a dental bridge instead.


Benefits from dental implants

There are many, many benefits that come with dental implants, some of them being:

  • Regaining your lost teeth. If you were feeling self conscious about smiling, then not anymore! You will have a good looking set of teeth thanks to them.
  • Since you are replacing lost teeth, your speech improves. This is even more true if you are looking to ditch the dentures, which can slip if they are not fitted properly.
  • They are stable and secure. No need to worry if they will pop off, giving you more security about yourself.
  • You will be able to eat much more comfortably with all your teeth once again.


Are there any chances it can fail for any reason?

As to guarantee a good success of the procedure, x-rays and exams are performed on the patient. One of the important aspects is for the patient to have healthy gums and bone tissue in their mouth. As dental implants go inside the jawbone, It has to be enough to hold and receive the dental implant properly. Also, the material used for the implant is titanium, which bonds well with the body tissue.

Though in the cases it is not enough, then a bone graft procedure is often the go to solution for this. This will give the patient the necessary tissue for them get a dental implant.

So by taking in account all these things, the success rate of this procedure is pretty high. There are also some instances where the patient might just not be eligible for the procedure due many reasons, such as smoking, diabetes or heart disease. Ultimately, it is the dentist that will ponder and evaluate if it is possible.


What is the process of getting a dental implant?

We will try to explain it in the most simple way as there are many types and it all depends on the patient’s needs.

First and foremost, the patient is examined as to know what they require. This is to determine just what implant is best for the patient and coordinate how the process will carry out for them.

After this, a titanium post is used as a tooth root, which is implanted where the missing tooth used to be. This first has to heal and fuse with your jawbone in order to be stable and secure. It usually takes up to 3 months.

Once the titanium implant heals with your jawbone, then an abutment is attached to it. This abutment is merely a connector post, it will hold the new tooth. This tooth of course is made by taking an impression of your bite so it is made to look natural, and a cap is placed on top of it.

As a bonus, the new teeth are made in matching color of your natural teeth so they blend quite nicely.


How is the care of artificial teeth in comparison to natural ones?

This a common question our dentists in Los Algodones get. They are pretty simple to take care of, as their needs are the same as the natural teeth. That is, brushing twice a day, flossing once, using a good mouth rinse and visiting your dentist twice a year is all it needs!