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Tongue Scrapping: What Is It & Benefits

As our days go by, we usually worry about our teeth, but what about the tongue? The mouth is plagued by bacteria, plus we are constantly chewing and ingesting good. Without tongue scrapping, chances are there are trapped bacteria in there, as well as plaque and even food remnants.

So for today’s article, we shall be talking about tongue scrapping. Our dentists in Los Algodones have given us some insight why it is important, how it can be done, and more.

What is tongue scrapping

Tongue scrapping is the act of using a tongue scraper to remove and clean the tongue of bacteria.

For this, a tongue scraper is commonly used, although a toothbrush can also do the job. By brushing and scrapping your tongue, we remove bacteria and food that have been trapped within the tongue. This helps dealing with many problems such as halitosis, dental health, and more! We will explain these in the next item.

Why we should clean our tongues

There exist many benefits to regularly cleaning and taking care of our tongues. Los Algodones dentists tell us, for example, that since our mouth are full of bacteria, it is normal that some of them rest in our tongues. As such it does not matter how much we brush our teeth, if they are still at the center of it, they can be a reliable source of bad breath.

Moreover, by getting rid of these bacteria, it is also possible to put our taste buds in a better place. You see, they can get blocked and hinder our ability to recognize certain flavors. Not only that, but keeps our mouth in a better place as those same bacteria cannot reproduce and get back into our teeth since we are disposing of them.

How we should scrape

Before we tackle how to scrape, let’s first settle down when should we do so. This task is best done first thing in the morning. More specifically before breakfast as we want to remove as much of the coating without new food debris getting in the way. Of course, this task should be performed daily to maintain a good looking and clean tongue.

Now how should we scrape? This depends whether we are using a toothbrush or a tongue scraper.

In the instance we are using a toothbrush it is quite as simple as brushing your tongue. Also, most toothbrushes these days have a built-in surface on the back of the head to aid tongue scrapping. Use this against your tongue gently to remove the coat of bacteria on your tongue.

And then we have the tongue scraper. This is a special tool that can come in different shapes and sizes. Typically it is a band made of metal attached to two handles to ease pulling and handling. Now, scrapping with a tongue scrapper is quite simple. You just need a mirror in front of you and your tongue scraper at hand, then you begin from as far back as you can currently handle. Scrapping should not be done harshly, but gently and with firmness. After each sweep, you should rinse the scraper and repeat the process 6 to 12 times.