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Good Dental Habits To Maintain Through Age

It is normal for our mouth to change with age as our body does. As such, there are several tips and tricks we can perform and make a habit of in order to keep our teeth for a lifetime. Doing so will not only save us from getting dental procedures done, but also to boast a good looking smile!

For today’s article, we will be tackling some points of interest with the help of Los Algodones dentists. You’ll learn about cavity prevention, brushing, flossing, the benefits of mouthwash, what food you have to watch out for, and overall helpful tips no matter your age.


Why it helps to keep a good dental habits

Keeping an excellent care for your teeth through age helps maintain problems away.

There are many complications, such as bad breath, cavities, gum disease and even tooth loss. By taking action early and visiting your dentist twice a year, you can avoid much of the trouble. Dental cleanings and daily brushing and flossing to keep that smile clear and shining!


Brush and floss are your main line of defense

Brushing and flossing everyday is absolutely essential. No other task can replace these nor be as effective.

When brushing, make sure that you are reaching all of your teeth, and that you brush all of its surfaces. Getting rid of bacteria and plaque is important to avoid its buildup and the appearance of tartar. Likewise, flossing helps getting to the small spaces between teeth, while also help the gum line clean and clear. It is also good to practice at a young age so it becomes a habit!


Use therapeutic mouthwash

There are two types of mouthwash: cosmetic and therapeutic.

Cosmetic mouthwashes are only for masking smells temporarily. They work great when just need a quick way to have a pleasant breath. Yet when it comes to solving the root of the problem, they fall short.

Therapeutic mouthwashes, on the other hand, have active components that help treating problems. As such, you can find mouthwashes that help against plaque buildup, bad breath, gum disease, and more! There are also some that have fluoride for if your intake is not enough.


Maintain a well balanced diet

A good diet gives your body the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. The mouth is made of living tissue and bone that require as much care as every other part of the body.

In addition, you should also watch out for foods that can affect your oral health. From sugary foods to acidic ones, lowering their intake can have a positive impact in the long run. Yet that does not rule out the need to brush and floss at any age!


Keep stress at bay

Stress and anxiety are usually the reasons behind bruxism, where we grind our teeth. Minimizing the scenarios that makes us more likely to grind our teeth is a good start! If the grind is as we sleep, it is best to get a night guard.

Unwarranted pressure on our teeth can cause our tooth to chip, shift and even break. Even more so if we are under orthodontic treatment.


Visit a dentist yearly

Paying a visit to the office once every 6 months is a very good habit. This way we not only get a good dental cleaning, but also the dentists in Los Algodones can record and track how our mouth progresses as we age. This is important as the problems not only are found out before they get worse, but also they get addressed swiftly.