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Dental Health: Best & Worts Drinks For You

On our quest to improve our dental health, one of the recurrent topics is: which drinks are good for our teeth? You will be surprised to know that there are drinks that are quite beneficial for your teeth as there are others that can cause some serious damage in the long run if the proper measurements are not taken.

For today’s article we will be mentioning and going through the different drinks that can impact your teeth. Either good or bad beverages, we shall give you some information about them thanks to Los Algodones dentists.

Why it is important to watch our diet

Our teeth serve many purposes in life. We want to keep them for life, so it is in our interest to maintain them in good health.

Thanks to our teeth we perform many tasks such as: speaking, eating and even talking. Not only that, but they give a good first impression when it comes to meeting other people or having a job interview.

Good drinks

Now let us jump into which drinks can affect your teeth in a positive way:

  • Water. Water obviously stands at the top. Not only is it essential for the body to survive and keep daily functions, but it is also pristine clear and free from what can wear down the tooth enamel. Tap water has fluoride, which helps rebuilding the lost minerals, leading to healthy and strong teeth. There is also mineral water that is high in calcium phosphate. This, too, helps with our tooth enamel.
  • Milk. This white beverage yields a good amount of calcium and vitamin D. Not only is it good for your bones but also your pearly whites!
  • Herbal teas. Green teas and herbal teas prove to be beneficial for our smile. They help waking you up when you need them to and bring antioxidants to your body without staining the teeth.

Bad drinks

These drinks will have a bad effect on your pearly whites in the long run. It is best to take them in moderation as well as taking the best course of action to keep them from doing harm:

  • Soda. These drinks are not only acidic but also sugary, which is the worst combination. The sugar in it gets stuck in our teeth which bacteria use for plaque production, leading to tooth decay. Moreover, the acidity also weakens and leaves vulnerable the tooth enamel, so it makes the bacteria’s job much easier.
  • Coffee. As it is with soda, coffee also has its own level of acidity. The same goes for sugar if we choose to add to it! Furthermore, since we drink it throughout the day without rinsing or brushing our mouth every now and then, it is common for our tooth enamel to absorb the dark pigments from it. This leads also to tooth discoloration.
  • Sport drinks. These bring electrolytes and keep your body hydrated, which is good! The downside is that they tend to be sugary and acidic as well. It is best to swish your mouth with water if you wish to keep your teeth free from sugar remnants.
  • Wine. Any alcohol have their deal with acidity. What makes wine special is that they boast such dark pigments that can easily stain and cause discoloration on our pearly whites.

Tips & trips for taking care of your teeth

Our dentists in Los Algodones have some tips and tricks in order our dental health. These will be useful at keeping not only our teeth safe, but also at maintaining good habits.

  • Try to avoid and lessen the amount and times you drink acidic and sugary drinks. This helps at feeding the bacteria in your mouth less fuel.
  • Swish your mouth with water right after. The dangerous part is continuing your day when your tooth enamel can get stained or have food stuck to it.
  • Feel free to use a straw for your drinks. This will keep the liquid from getting in contact with your teeth.
  • Visit a dentist twice a year. The best way to avoid further problems is making sure you have the opinion of an expert. Our dentists will tell you if you need to pay extra care in a certain spot or if you are missing an important detail.