Los Algodones Dentists Guide

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Clean

It is always good to have the knowledge and understand of what can lead us to a clean and healthy smile. So in order to capitalize on that, we are going to give you some tips that will surely help you maintain just that!

This article will have some general tips that seek to keep your teeth in good shape throughout the day. Los Algodones dentists have provided good and spot-on information about this that is sure to be of help to anybody.


Make sure to have a good toothbrush for the job

When talking about brushing, it is seldom spoken about the kind of toothbrush you ought to use. This is important as the having the right tool is just half the battle!

Ideally, you want to fulfill these items:

  • Small enough to reach all the places in the mouth. Take into account that brushing the front will not cut it for a thorough brushing. A good toothbrush has to reach the back teeth as well and be able to cover their surfaces.
  • Pick one with soft-bristles. One with hard bristles can damage the outer surface of your teeth. Instead, one that is soft will make it easier to clean both your teeth and your gums.
  • Change it every 3 months. There are many reasons why you should change your toothbrush. First, it accumulates bacteria which can pass on to the other toothbrushes in the vicinity, that includes the ones from diseases. Second, its bristles are bound to bend and get worn down!


Keep up with your oral habits

Another important tip by Los Algodones dentists, keeping up with your daily brushing and flossing habits. Maintaining them and fulfilling them before and after we get our night of sleep will ensure that plaque and bacteria has no chance to stay for longer than intended.

Consider making each brushing session at least 2 minutes long, about the length of a song! This way you have enough time to brush all the surfaces of your teeth, your tongue, and to let the toothpaste have time to do its job.


Fluoride is the way to go

This mineral happens naturally in water and helps greatly in remineralizing our tooth enamel. Our enamel loses some of its minerals through eating, chewing and consuming acidic foods. Also through damage done by plaque, which is ever present for us to brush away.

There are three common ways we can get our daily intake of fluoride. The first one is through fluoride toothpaste, which you can find in every pharmacy. The second is through some therapeutic mouthwashes that are specific for fighting certain issues, such as tooth decay. And the third way is through tap water, which has a very small amount of it.

So by drinking water daily and brushing your teeth you should be clear from having a fluoride deficit, making your teeth strong and healthy as they can be.


Sugar-free chewing gum helps clean your mouth

This is a rather underrated tip, but a sugar-free gum can help a ton when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

The sugar substitute it uses is xylitol, which keeps bacteria from using it as fuel. Moreover, chewing gum helps boosting saliva production, which as you know neutralizes most harmful bacteria that produce plaque.


Visit a dentist regularly

Most dentists suggest to pay a visit once every 6 months. This helps keeping track of how your mouth evolves throughout the years.

Furthermore, you can get a deep cleaning to your teeth, which removes plaque and tartar from all the spots you might have missed. This helps you keep track of where you should be paying more attention to as you brush and floss in order to maintain your pearly whites as clean as they can be.