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Secrets For A Great Oral Health

Sure you might have seen good tips here and there, there is no denial in that. What we will be covering today are signs and behaviors that might cut back your oral health. Personal habits are important to keep, failing to do so only chips away more and more from the gorgeous smile we set our minds into.

This is why we have asked Los Algodones dentist about different secrets and habits you should take into account in order to keep your smile pristine white.


So what secrets are there for us?

Pay close attention to your mouth

When it comes to a person’s oral care, a keen eye can detect almost immediately if they are slacking off or not. No secrets escape the eye of an expert.

In order to give some examples, a person that has drank a lot of coffee and/or sodas will usually have stains. This is due them not brushing their teeth properly or doing so at all. Moreover, if the person suffers from stress, they grit their teeth which leads them to look flat on their end. If the person brushes consistently but still has an awful breath this can mean that they have an infected tooth. Small details such as these can give away information about the person and ultimately ruin what otherwise could be a good impression.


Do not wait to visit your dentist

This is an important point to address as many people push it off until it is too late. This might be either because they wait for it to become painful or that they are scared that the visit will hurt. Here in Los Algodones we make sure that we use the proper measures to make the dental visit very pleasant.

A dentist helps curing and dealing with the issues that are endangering a patient’s oral health. Things such as plaque and bacteria can deal fatal damage to the mouth overtime if not looked on properly. This is why it is highly recommended to visit a dentist at least once every six months. Thanks to this, you can avoid and act against issues that would ultimately escalate further and further.


Do not forget to brush before calling it a day

This is one of the most underrated secrets that you will see around. Brushing at night before we sleep keeps our mouth clean and avoids bacteria to build up as much as they could.

There is plenty of information out there about plaque, tartar and dental calculus. Just by letting it sit for three days is enough for it to harden and become an issue. This is where we step in and brush thoroughly every now and then.


Chewing on sugarless gum brings many benefits

Normal chewing gum can be harmful for your teeth due the added sugars. On the other hand, a sugarless gum can help more than it is believed to.

For one, it boosts the mouth’s saliva production. This helps in the remineralization of the tooth enamel while also helping against dry mouth. Secondly, it helps dislodging bacteria and food particles from the teeth.


Rinsing your mouth when you can’t brush your teeth at the moment.

This is the last of the little secrets we will be sharing with you for today.

Usually, people are somewhere else during the middle of the day, let it be at school, at work, or any other place. So when there is no toothbrush nearby to brush with, rather than doing nothing, it is recommended to rinse our mouths with some water.

As an added tip, drinking water constantly throughout the day helps in bringing a better oral care. Ingesting water keeps the body hydrated so that your saliva production is working fine and as intended. The water also helps washing away unwanted particles that are stuck to our teeth.