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5 Tips For A Good Brush

It is actually pretty common for people to not brush their teeth correctly. After all, the average person only brushes for about 45 seconds. This not only affect your teeth in the long run, it might also be the cause of bad breath. As such, we will give you some important advice and reminders to put you right back on track!

The toothbrush you pick is important

From so many choices to pick from, it is easy to just go for whatever is within reach. In order to pick a good brush there are only a couple of things to take into account:

  1. Make sure that it is not too big. A good brush has to reach all your teeth, so having one that cannot accomplish that would be a drawback.
  2. Electrical or manual toothbrushes are fine. Just in case you were wondering, all that matters is that you pay close attention to your teeth. That is, make sure you are brushing them and not leaving spots behind.
  3. Absolutely make sure that the toothbrush you use has soft bristles. The bristles are a very important part of the toothbrush, as they have to be able to bend to get to all the difficult places, such as below the gums.


Ditch that brush after three months of use

It is really easy to get attached to a toothbrush as you use it every day for a long time. For this very reason, it is important to change it every three or four months, as the bristles are bound to get worn down.

If you notice off-looking, discolored or bent bristles, then it is time to replace that toothbrush. If you keep using it in that state, it will not be effective!


Be gentle when brushing your teeth

This is actually really, really common issue. People think that they have to brush with force in order to really feel they are doing any cleaning. But that is not the case!

Plaque is actually a soft, sticky film that clings to the teeth, it does not require force in order to remove. The only thing is making sure you are getting ALL places. As such, if you are being rough when brushing, keep this that in mind.

Also, it is worth mentioning that if you have consumed acidic foods, such as soda or citrus, it is best to wait 30 minutes before brushing. The tooth enamel is more susceptible during that time.

Take your time while brushing

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, most people do not brush for long. Our Los Algodones dentists highly recommend brushing for at least two minutes each time. This can be easy if you just listen to a song or set a timer as you are brushing. It will help you get the timing right!

By not brushing for the recommended amount of time, then the components in your toothpaste will hardly have any time at all to react and benefit your teeth.


Make sure to get to all the places

It is not only important to brush your teeth’s surface, but other places as well. Place such as your gum line, your tongue and the inside of your mouth.

So when you are brushing your teeth, make sure you tilt your toothbrush about 45° towards the gum. It is a common place for plaque to buildup in. Moreover, toothbrush nowadays come with a tongue scrapper on the back, so making use of that will help a ton in the long run.

And of course, make sure to brush the teeth’s back. Not only does plaque form in the front, but in the rear, too.


If you are visiting a dentist anytime soon, you can ask them anything about brushing and how to do it. And if you are interested in cheap dental procedures, you can contact us and/or check our price list!