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You are destroying your teeth without realizing

Hello dear readers, you are ruining your teeth and do not know it. Sorry to begin so blunt but it is true. There are many habits that you are doing every day that are destroying your smile. That is why today I will open your eyes to these situations so you can avoid them. Also you will learn how to fix any problems so you can ... More

Bad practices for your teeth

  Hellos guys, welcome to another blog. Today I will point out certain practices that can be very bad for your dental health. Some of them you may know then, others simply are overlooked. The most important thing is to know them so you stop as soon as possible and start to take better care of your teeth. Also, you will ... More

Myths about a good dental hygiene

Hellos my dear reads, welcome back again to our humble blog. Today I want to talk about some myths about a good dental hygiene. There are many misconceptions and false information regarding this topic. I think it will be fun to debunk some of them so you can get the best information. It is important because we are talking about ... More

Top dental items you need in your bathroom

Hello guys welcome to our humble blog, hope you are having a nice week. Having dental items perfect for your dental hygiene is a must. If you want a beautiful healthy smile then you need all the right tools at your disposal. That is why today I will teach you what tools you ought to won and how to use them correctly. These will ... More

The ultimate dental hygiene routine

Hello dear readers, today is an amazing day and I hope you are doing well. I want to share with you the ultimate dental hygiene routine. This will help you to achieve that white beautiful smile we all know and love. Surprisingly it is pretty simple to do, in fact it is so easy you can start doing it today! So if this topic ... More

Simple tips to clean your teeth

Hello dear readers, welcome to our humble blog. Let me begin with a question, do you clean your teeth? How simple do you find your dental hygiene routine? Whether your answer is yes or no, I have some simple tips to get better at it. You will have a good looking smile after following our suggestions. Improving your dental ... More

Don’t do these mistakes when brushing your teeth

Hello guys, welcome once again to our humble blog. Dental hygiene is a topic that it is very important to us. Many patients when they come to our clinic often ask for advice in their brushing technique. This is something that sounds really simple to do but many people make mistakes when brushing. It is an activity that we do ... More

Best solutions for yellow teeth

Yellow teeth are a common problem many patients have. There is nothing more unattractive than smiling and see the teeth all stained. It is such a turn off that discourages most of us. Luckily for you it is easy to fix. Today I will show you the best solutions for your stained teeth. If it sounds interesting enough, keep reading ... More

How sugar destroys you smile

Sugar is an ingredient that is present in almost every food we consume. Many patients do not pay too much attention to this, until it is too late. If you eat too much sugar in your diet, your teeth can suffer some nasty consequences. That is why today I want to talk to you guys on how to avoid it and what can you do about it. I ... More

What you are doing is bad for your teeth

Hi guys, are you ready for today’s article? Today I will show you some things you are doing wrong that are affecting your teeth. That is right, your teeth are suffering because you are doing things the wrong way. If you wish to learn how to stop it as soon as possible keep reading. We also have tons of articles dedicate to ... More