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Why using toothpick ruin your teeth

Hello guys, welcome back again to our awesome blog. Recently I got a question by a patient about using toothpick to clean between the teeth. Today I will write about the reasons why you should avoid using this tool. The answer can surprise lots of you that use very often toothpicks after every meal or other reasons. Let’s ... More

How to improve brushing technique correctly

Brushing technique is something you wanna improve every day. It is the basic for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. If you brush your teeth daily will ensure that you will run away from any dental disease that can ruin your life. Because this is so important, it is almost obligatory to have a good dental hygiene routine at ... More

Identify why you have dental hygiene

Hi! Today I will help you identify habits that are very bad for your dental hygiene. Some of them are really popular, others simply overlooked. The most important thing is to point them out so you start to take better care of your teeth with a good dental care routine. Stopping doing mistakes in your daily routine is the first ... More

How to brush your tongue at home

Cleaning your tongue is a habit that can change your dental health. Many people underestimate it and do not brush it because of whatever reason. This can cause many diseases and problems later. Today I want to teach you about why you should brush tongue for dental hygiene. I want to help those people that are struggling with ... More

Why most patients come to Los Algodones

Here at Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide receive many questions and request from patients. We have helped tons of people get affordable dental treatment in Mexico and we are proud for that.  Their reason for their visit is varied and that is why I want to make a short list for those of you that are on the fence. This will help ... More

How to deal with dental caries

Hi dear readers, I am happy to see you again in this humble blog. Dental caries is one of the most common requests at our website. Many patients refer a horrible pain and they must see a dentist as soon as possible. That is why today we will learn about caries and how to deal with them. This will help you to get healthier teeth ... More

Your toothbrush and you

Hello, we have dedicated tons of articles to dental care in this blog. Today I want to take your attention to your toothbrush. This little tool we use every day is so important for our dental hygiene. Many patients ignore this so they treat theirs so bad that it ends up affecting their teeth. That is why today I want to teach ... More

How you can have White teeth easily

We all want beautiful white teeth, I know that, you know that. Many of us do not have perfect teeth due to coffee and other bad habits. It is really difficult to maintain a good healthy smile, that is why today I want to share some secrets that makes it easy. You can have perfect teeth and save money in the process; I want to ... More

Cleaning plaque from your teeth

Plaque is the cause of many problems to our dental health. I have seen lots of patients come to our clinic with diseases like gingivitis, dental caries, among others. Most of them seem troubled because they do not know what the cause is. The reason is very simple, it is due to plaque buildup. If you do not get rid of them, you ... More

Best habits for dental health you cannot miss

Hello dear readers welcome back to our awesome dental blog. Today I want to teach you the best habits that are doing well for your dental hygiene. You must do them every day no matter what, do not quit as it is really easy to follow. A good dental hygiene is made from constancy and discipline. Luckily for you, this is really ... More