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How to avoid dental caries and fix it

Dental caries is a common problem many of our patients face. They often ask us how to solve it or at least avoid it, as it can be both painful and uncomfortable. That is why today I will give you some dental hygiene tips that will help you how to decrease your chances of getting dental cavities. If your case is that you are facing this problem already, we will give you the solution and how you can save money in the process. For that I recommend Los Algodones Dentists Guide.


Fixing your dental caries at Los Algodones

First let’s learn where you can treat this problem and save money. What I suggest is to use Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide to find the best dentists in town. We are located 10 miles from Yuma, Arizona and have not only the best prices available but a friendly, well-prepared staff. Our dental clinics have the best implantologist in the world so you will be in very good hands if that is what you are looking for. Besides our facility is moder, up to date with all the commodities that will make you feel just like home.


Use the contact form or the phone number in business hours to reach our patient coordinators. Book you appointment and relax while we make your visit feel like a nice vacation and break form work and stress. Now let’s continue with today’s topic.



Why dental caries appears


Starting with the basics, the reasons why you see dental caries in most patients usually. It is a matter of dental hygiene principally. Patients that do not brush and clean their teeth enough during the day are more prone to develop cavities. So if you wish to reduce your chances just brush your teeth at eat 3 times a day. Create a good dental hygiene habit by brushing your teeth after every meal. Don’t forget to brush them before going to bed as you will pass at least 8 hours with your teeth dirty.


Also, do not forget that using dental floss to clean between your teeth it also really important. Food debris tends to get suck there, rotting away. This causes that tight corridors to corrode and develop dental caries. It is a hard place to reach with just a toothbrush, so using dental floss will definitively help a lot. The same goes with mouth wash, after finishing your dental hygiene routine rinse with antiseptic mouthwash to wrap everything up nicely.


This brings me to my next point, sugar. Many patients do not realize that they consume too much sugar. This tasty little thing can ruin your teeth. I suggest cutting down sugar a bit if you wish to have healthy teeth free of dental caries. Prevention is key and it will save your smile from looking bad. Other bad habits include drinking too much sodas, alcohol and smoking cigarettes.


Not everything can be fixed at home


However, these suggestions above will not work 100% of the times. One reason can be just the way your teeth are set. Most of us do not have our teeth perfectly aligned thanks to our wisdom teeth. This causes that maybe our teeth are not aligned properly and this makes it impossible to brush possible. All those zones that we cannot reach with a toothbrush will develop cavities, sadly. So, you have to maintain proper dental care besides visiting your dentist often.


But do not sweat it too much as there is plenty of solutions available at our dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico. By the way, if you wish to learn more about dental hygiene and dental health, I invite you to read our blog. We publish an article every week so you can learn of to take care of your teeth and save money with our amazing deals in dental.

Dental treatments that solve dental caries


Ok, so you have dental caries, the pain is unbearable, your teeth look bad, how do you fix it? There are many dental treatments available that will solve your problem in no time. The cost will depend in how bad the situation is. If your dental caries is really small then a filling will be more than enough to cover it, and it only takes a couple of minutes. If the cavity is larger then we have to contemplate other treatment that may be more adequate.


One of them is a dental crown, but for that to work it is important to know if the cavities affected the pulp or the root of the tooth, if that is the case then a root canal is needed beforehand. This will help avoid infections that can lead to tooth loss. After that the treatment will continue nicely, a proper dental crown that will look aesthetically pleasing. If you have multiple dental caries then a bridge may work just fine.


As said before it is better to consult to our dentist to study the case, and evaluate all the possible options. That I can tell you is that the last thing our dentists will suggest is to extract the teeth. If there is a possibility, a chance to save your natural teeth then that is what would be our first option. It will help you save money and time.

Are there any available dental implants?


Dental implants are on the rise in Los Algodones and are an amazing option for tooth replacement. However, like we stated above we do not recommend it if we can avoid it. Natural teeth are more resilient than prosthetic ones. But if there is no opter option then we will always suggest dental implants to create a new smile.


There are many options available in this department. You can opt for a single implant for a single tooth or you can go for multiple implants for a bridge. If you are looking for a complete set of teeth, a full mouth, there is no better option than the all on 4. Send us a message to consult prices and book your appointment as soon as possible.