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Children Early Tooth Decay: Prevention

As parents, we worry about all aspects of our child’s life, we want the best for them after all!  Early dental health is one of those things we want our kid to learn about, so getting them to know the daily habits to keep their teeth in good shape is important.

In today’s article we will be talking about early tooth decay, how we can detect it early, causes and how we can prevent it. This thanks to the help of Los Algodones dentist which will be giving us important information about the subject.


Tooth decay and kids

It is important to know how harmful tooth decay can be, especially for one so young. As children, their exposure to sugary treats and drinks is way higher, and they will jump at it with little to no hesitation!

Tooth decay can become an issue as it can damage their baby teeth. But you may be thinking: ‘they will shed those, so they are not that important’, wrong! Their teeth play an important role in not only chewing and eating, but also in speaking. If they were to lose those teeth early due tooth decay, the way they learn how to talk will be completely affected. Moreover, they are also important for maintaining a proper shape and position for the other teeth as well.


What causes this tooth decay in children?

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that live in our mouth. It is impossible to deal with them definitely, so we have to keep a habit of brushing and flossing every day.

When we eat, it is normal for food to be stuck to our teeth. This is especially true with starchy and sugary food. That’s where bacteria comes in and uses it to form plaque and wear down our tooth enamel.


Early detection of tooth decay

There are some hints we can take in order to know if our children’s mouth is being affected by tooth decay.

For example, one of the most common giveaways are through white spots that form on their teeth. These white spot are affected areas where the tooth enamel starts to weaken.

Also through cavities and holes we may spot in the back of their teeth. If it is light brown, it is starting to form, whereas if it is a darker shade and deeper, then it is more serious.

Of course, pain and tooth sensitivity are pretty obvious symptoms that there is indeed tooth decay affecting their smile. A trip to the dentist at this point would definitely be for the greater good!


Prevention of tooth decay

As it is with adults and children alike, daily brushing is of utmost importance! Los Algodones dentists recommend these tips:

  • Acquiring a small toothbrush for the task is important. The size is important as if it is too big, it will be significantly more challenging to get across all the necessary spots.
  • Make sure to use a pint-size of toothpaste with fluoride. Also to brush twice a day! This includes not only the teeth, but also the tongue, gums, and cheeks.
  • Diet is important. Not only avoiding giving them so much sugar on a daily basis, but also giving them a balanced diet.
  • They can visit a dentist as soon as they are a year old. A dentist can track how their teeth develop and check for any early signs of tooth decay.