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Why it’s so cool to save money in dental

We talk a lot here about dental hygiene and dental treatment. But today I will teach you why it is so cool to save money in your dental appointment. Helping tons of patients form the US and Canada to save their hard earned money is our job. That is why today you will learn how to spend less and receive top quality dental services in Los Algodones, Mexico. It is simple and easy, so keep reading until the end.


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How to save money in dental treatment?


Ok, let’s begin with today’s topic in question. Saving money in dental treatment in the United State is nearly impossible. Rates are so high and if you do not have dental insurance it will be very difficult to get treatment in time. The sad truth is that not many people have the resources to get dental treatment in their country. Luckily, their neighbor country Mexico can provide top quality dental treatment at lower prices.

Rates in Los Algodones, Mexico are 50% lower and even less than the United States and Canada. Most dentists are well prepared and even studied abroad. More than 300 dental clinics are available for you to choose. The demand for affordable dental treatment is so high that more than 3 thousands patients cross the border every day to get their teeth done. I know that choosing the right dental clinic sounds daunting, but we make it easy for you.


Based on online reviews, price list, dentists’ CV and previous costumers’ experience we got your back. By using our services, which by the way they are FREE, you can find the perfect dental treatment for you. You can request an estimate using the contact form or calling the phone number above. We will provide all the information you need to book your appointment at the dentist. Also we can help you find accommodations in case you need one.


How to find Los Algodones?


This picturesque town is easy to find. It is located 10 miles southwest from Yuma, Arizona. Just following the Interstate will get you to the Andrade border. After crossing you will be in the hearth of Los Algodones. We suggest flying to Yuma or Phoenix and then drive to the border. There you can leave your vehicle in the US side in the parking lit run by the Quechan. It is really affordable and it is really safe too.


By the way, there is a lot to see and do in town. You can save money in prescription meds in the local pharmacies. There are a lot of souvenirs shops and even a shopping mall. If you are a foodie just like me, you will love Mexican cuisine. Tacos, nachos, burritos, tortas and many more exquisite plates are waiting for you degust. It is certainly the main attraction of the town and it is pretty cheap to consume too.


Speaking about local attractions, Los Algodones has a good night life too. There are many bars and discotheques if you like that sort of ambient. You will not get bored here and you are more than welcome to travel with your family. As said before, there exist many attractions for every member of the family.


What dental treatments can you save money?


Basically every dental treatment that exist you can save money here in Los Algodones. Of course there are certain specialties that can make you save more money than others. That is why I composed a short list on the most popular dental treatments people get at our clinic. This will help you make a decision if you are in the fence of coming to Mexico.


Dental implants


This is by far the most popular dental treatment our patients get when they come. This is due to how awesome the treatment is. It replaces a missing tooth or set of teeth with new ones. We are talking about a new smile that will stay forever. A permanent denture that will last a life time. You may be thinking that this is a really expensive treatment and you are right. However, you will pay half of its cost at our dental clinics.

If you need bone grafting we got you too. Ct scan and every step required to complete dental implants procedure provided by the best brands and implantologists.



Dental veneers


Cosmetic treatments are really popular too in Los Algodones. Besides cleaning and whitening, dental crowns and veneers are a good choice to improve your smile. Not every needs newt teeth, they only need a quick little fix to look great again. I am very serious when I told you can find every dental treatment you can imagine at our dental clinics. All with affordable prices provided by excellent dentists on the job.




Braces and retainers are also a most requested treatment. It is pretty common that patient have slight crooked teeth. There are some cases worse than others, but everyone has a solution. There is no dental problem that cannot be fixed. We even can find you Invisalign, the invisible braces that every celebrity is using. You can save money in this treatment and more by scheduling a dental appointment with us.


That is all for today guys, hope you learned a lot. I had fun writing this for you so if you liked check out our other content too. See you next week in the next article and remember to take care of your teeth. Do not forget it especially in these times since holidays are closer and closer.