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Don’t do these mistakes when brushing your teeth

Hello guys, welcome once again to our humble blog. Dental hygiene is a topic that it is very important to us. Many patients when they come to our clinic often ask for advice in their brushing technique. This is something that sounds really simple to do but many people make mistakes when brushing. It is an activity that we do every day so it is important that we do it right, otherwise it can lead to some problems in the future.


So let’s learn today about common mistakes when brushing our teeth. Pay close attention so you can start applying this tips today. Treating your teeth nicely is part of having a good dental hygiene. That way you can avoid damage and diseases in your mouth. Besides you will take better care of your toothbrush, keeping it in top form for longer.


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Common mistakes when brushing your teeth

Too much toothpaste


The first common mistake I see many patient make is using too much toothpaste. Many people think that you need to cover the entire toothbrush head. Even worse, using more than that, this can do you more harm than good. The correct amount to use is a little squeeze, like half the head of your toothbrush. Using too much can affect your tooth enamel. It can wear it down, making your teeth more sensible to hot and cold.


Remember to not use too much of toothpaste. Also I want to add that when picking a toothpaste choose one that does what you need. What I mean is that if you are looking to get rid of bad breath, choose one that tackles this problem. The same goes for whitening and other conditions too, that way you will be taking good care of your teeth.


Bad toothbrush


Choosing the wrong toothbrush also is a common mistake. Most patients just choose whatever and that is not it. You can end up cutting your gums or as I said before damaging your tooth enamel. What you want is to use a soft bristle toothbrush so you can brush with the correct technique. It is important that you also use gentle and slow strokes to avoid any damage in your mouth.


Using slow and gentle strokes also help to conserve your toothbrush for longer. Over time the bristles open up and that is the first sign that you should change it. If you got any doubts it is a safe choice to buy a one every two to three months. More on proper toothbrush care later in the article.


Rinsing too early


Another mistake I see in lots of patients is rinsing with water as soon as they finish brushing their teeth. This is a bad move because you are not letting the toothpaste to act on your teeth. What you must do instead is wait at least 30 seconds or more before rinsing. Rinsing with mouth wash is a better move because you clean your entire mouth besides your teeth. Antiseptic mouthwash is especially effective for this.


Bad toothbrush hygiene


We mentioned before about choosing the right toothbrush for the job. However it is also important that you take good care of it. Cleaning your toothbrush is part of a good dental hygiene. One wrong practice I see a lot is that people rinse their toothbrush with water and leave it in the bathroom. This attracts so many germs and bacteria that will pass on to your mouth. What I suggest is to boil your toothbrush in water before use to kill all bacteria.


After use, dry your toothbrush with a clean towel and store it in a dry place to avoid moisture. That way you can avoid dental diseases such as gingivitis, halitosis and more. You can get a case for your toothbrush so it is away from bacteria in your bathroom. This will also help to avoid any dental disease commonly present in many patients.


Beyond dental hygiene at home, not doing it along many mistakes

Stitched Panorama

Now that you fixed all your mistake when brushing you will have a better dental hygiene. However, you must know that just cleaning your teeth at home is not enough to have a good dental health. To achieve this you have to visit your dentist to receive regular checkups and cleaning. This is a practice that you must do at least once a year so you can get that beautiful smile you always wanted and deserve.


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