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Cleaning plaque from your teeth

Plaque is the cause of many problems to our dental health. I have seen lots of patients come to our clinic with diseases like gingivitis, dental caries, among others. Most of them seem troubled because they do not know what the cause is. The reason is very simple, it is due to plaque buildup. If you do not get rid of them, you can say good bye to your teeth in the long run.


Some effects it can cause to our teeth are stains, discoloration, gum recessions and cavities. You must take it seriously and maintain a good dental hygiene in your life. That’s why today I will show you how to properly clean your teeth from tartar. You will end up with healthy beautiful tooth.

Understanding how plaque develops

I got to begin with how tartar starts to develop. An important factor is food debris. Not removing it from your teeth will create the perfect environment for bacteria to accumulate. This is bad because it will wear down your teeth enamel. Also, it will end up infecting your gums, which causes your breath making it smell real bad.


There are certain foods that accelerate this process and you should try to avoid them. At least clean your teeth right after eating it to mitigate the effects. These are sodas, sugar, sauces and artificial colorants. You have to be wary of coffee, alcohol and tobacco as well as they can create plaque really easily too.


Nevertheless, there are foods in the other hand that can help you clean your teeth naturally. Fruits like pears and apple can help clean your teeth tartar. Consume more fruits daily to help you with your dental hygiene, they are easy and cheap to get. One big plus is that a balanced diet will give you stronger and healthier teeth.

Best tips to clean plaque


To clean your teeth from plaque naturally you need saliva. Saliva is produced in our mouth to naturally clean our teeth and protect them from bacteria. 8 glasses a day is what most doctors suggest in order to be well hydrated as water help producing saliva.


Another good tip is to chew sugarless gum. This will also make your body produce more saliva. Besides, sugarless chewing cum can also help remove a little bit of plaque and tartar. You will be killing two birds with one stone but do not forget to practice a good dental hygiene at home.

Dental hygiene at home to beat plaque

Removing tartar form your teeth at home is pretty simple. For a good start, brush your teeth 3 times a day at least. Do it after every meal so you do not miss the daily mark. Make sure you use slow and gentle strokes to avoid damaging your teeth enamel and gums. Brushing rapid and aggressive will only hurt you.


I suggest using vertical strokes to clean off plaque from your teeth. The right way to do it is to brush rapidly at the base of your teeth and then follow up slowly vertically. A soft bristle toothbrush is perfect for this. Note that I said rapidly, but it does not mean aggressive at all, be very gentle. Afterwards use horizontal and circular strokes to complete the cleaning.


Do not skip the top of your mouth, gums, tongue and inner cheeks. Essentially every corner in the mouth accumulates plaque, even the roof. So do not leave any zone without brushing. Afterwards you have to use dental floss to clean between the teeth. You can use other tools like a interdental brush.


The reason for this is that food debris tends to get stuck between your teeth. If you leave it behind it will rot and contribute to tooth decay. For your tongue you can use a tongue scrapper. It feels really nice and relaxing so I really recommend it. To finish things up, rinse with antiseptic mouthwash to kill all bacteria remaining in the mouth.


Be really cautious if you use orthodontics, you do not want to break them or hurt yourself. An interdental toothbrush will be your best friend for this job as it makes dental hygiene so much easier. Don’t forget to clean your mouthguard, partials and denture to avoid infecting your orthodontics.


Taking care of tartar


Having a nice diet and dental hygiene is a must, but it is not enough. Your teeth need professional cleaning to get rid of both plaque and tartar. Over time this little build up keeps accumulating over the months no matter how much you brush, creating a thin film of bacteria and germs. That is why you have to visit a dentist for regular checkup and cleaning, this is not negotiable.

There are some cases where a deep cleaning is necessary because of the bad state of the teeth. If that is not your case then a simple cleaning is more than enough. Dentists recommend scheduling an appointment twice a year so do not skip yours if you want beautiful teeth. You can save money in dental by coming to Los Algodones, Mexico. We can help you with that task


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