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Why you should consider getting the All on 4

Los algodones allon4

The All on 4 dental implant treatment is often asked by our patients. This is an popular procedure both in the States and Los Algodones because it is the ultimate dental implant procedure. But, did you know it gives the patient a permanent fixed denture? It can be a really nice option for patients that […]

So you want the best deal in Allon4

Hi guys it is a pleasure to welcome you back to our blog. Today I will show you how you can save money in Allon4 treatment. This is a very popular treatment in Los Algodones because it gives the patient a permanent fixed denture, for an affordable price if you choose us. It is really […]

Learn a thing or two about the Allon4

All-on-4 technique

The allon4 dental implants are getting more popular each passing day. It is not surprising at all, as it is pretty cheap for a full mouth restoration. Today I will talk about it so you end up knowing a thing or two about it. This also can help you the decision to get this procedure […]

What you must know about getting an allon4

All-on-4 technique

Hello guys, hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend. Since everything will start to open up as it used to be this article may interest you. This means is that everyone will come to Los Algodones Mexico to receive dental treatment. Dental implants procedures are especially popular at the moment, so many readers ask […]