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Myths about a good dental hygiene

Hellos my dear reads, welcome back again to our humble blog. Today I want to talk about some myths about a good dental hygiene. There are many misconceptions and false information regarding this topic. I think it will be fun to debunk some of them so you can get the best information. It is important because we are talking about your dental hygiene here. Some of these myths can make or break your smile.


It is really dangerous to believe anything you read online. That is why you have to curate the sources and make sure is trustworthy. And what is a better source than a dental clinic place? Let me introduce ourselves, we are Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide. We work with the best dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico to help the patients from all over the world to find affordable dental treatment.


As you may know dental is really expensive in the US and Canada, if you do not have dental insurance it can be impossible to get. On the other hand, dental treatment in Mexico is cheap and affordable. That is why thousands of patients cross the border every day to get their teeth fixed. We help you get your appointment with the best dental clinics with the best price available. More on that later after the myths.


Myths about dental hygiene

Ok let’s jump right into some of the most popular belief about dental hygiene. Let-‘s see together with the help of our dentists if they are true or not. Pay close attention so you can chance some bad habits that can ruin your teeth. Also, you can incorporate better habits to improve your dental hygiene as soon as possible.


If you we missed any or if you wish to suggest yours leave a comment below. We love hearing from you and it will be awesome to make a 2nd part of this. I love reading about this stuff and sharing it with you guys. If you have any questions you can ask us too, you can also send us an email with your questions.

Carbon toothpaste is better than regular one

This is one I have been reading a lot in social media. This is dangerous because it is not tested properly if this works to whiten your smile. In fact, some people are applying carbon directly into their teeth. This is a huge NO because it will damage the enamel and ruin your teeth. Always opt branded and tested products with the ADA seal of approval. Listening to a nobody online is plain stupid and irresponsible.

You need to extract your wisdom teeth

This popular myth is partially true. Because you need to extract your wisdom teeth but not in every case. If there is enough space in your mouth you can leave them there. But to know if this is the way to go you need X rays and an evaluation at a dentist. That way you can be sure if you need to extract them or not. It can be a costly treatment for some patients but it is cheap at oour dental clinic in Los Algodones.


You can get a FREE consultation and evaluation by making an appointment with us. Doing so it’s pretty simple, you can use the phone number above in business hours. Or if you prefer you can use the contact form to receive an email with an estimate. Either way is fine and our patient coordinator will do everything possible to assist you. You can expect excellent service and saving tons of money in dental treatment.

Sugar creates dental caries


This myth is very popular and I understand why. Dentists usually say that you should avoid sugar for healthy teeth. This part is entirely true but it is not sugar fault per se. what I mean by this is that sugar does not cause dental caries by itself. This depends of a chemical reaction between a lot of things. In theory you can consume sugar normally and your teeth will be fine. Sugar reacts to saliva, liquids, bacteria, germs and your teeth enamel.


This wears down the enamel to the point that it corrodes and creates cavities. A bad hygiene also contributes to this scenario. That is one reason to always brush your teeth every day. Do not skip in dental hygiene routine if you wish to avoid dental diseases. You have to be careful because you can end up with gum infection such as periodontitis where it affects the bone. This causes tooth loss and it is expensive to treat.


If you are interested in learning dental hygiene and some good routine we have tons of it at our blog. If its peak your interest, give them a good read to learn how to take care of your teeth. Also, it helps us a lot if you share these articles with family and friends to help us grow. Or if you have any suggestions do not forget to leave a comment down below.


Final myth: You must brush your teeth immediately after every meal

This is a common myth too. And as before, it is partially true. You must brush your teeth at least three times a day. This makes it easier if you do it after every meal. However this does not mean that you should brush straight away after eating. In fact because your mouth is doing part of the digestion it becomes an acidic environment. It could be bad for your teeth if you use your toothbrush to brush this acidic component everywhere.


The best way to act is to wait a couple of minutes. Wait until your mouth is normal so you can brush normally. One tip I can give you is to drink water after eating. This will help to rinse your mouth a little bit while you wait to brush your teeth. Just do not forget to do your dental hygiene routine so everything ends up neat and clean. If you wait too long it will ruin your smile for sure as the previous myths.