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Bad practices for your teeth


Hellos guys, welcome to another blog. Today I will point out certain practices that can be very bad for your dental health. Some of them you may know then, others simply are overlooked. The most important thing is to know them so you stop as soon as possible and start to take better care of your teeth. Also, you will learn some dental hygiene tips and how to save money in dental. You can save more than 50% compared to the US and Canada.


Having a good dental hygiene is important to keep our teeth as healthy as possible. We encourage our patience to practice good habits to improve their dental hygiene. However it is pretty normal to do things that ruin our teeth without realizing it. This article hopefully will help many of you to fix them and remain with mostly good practices.


If you are interested in learning more about dental hygiene and dental treatment we have many articles in our blog. It is the best place to learn about several topics that will help take your smile to the next level. Don’t forget to leave suggestion and reviews down in the comments, we love hearing from you guys.


Bad practices for your teeth

Not flossing and rinsing

One bad practice many patients do is not flossing and rinsing after brushing their teeth. Many of them stop at brushing and this is a huge mistake. Food debris can get stuck between your teeth and a toothbrush cannot do the job right. Dental floss can reach those places the toothbrush can’t. On the other hand mouth wash can clean your teeth, tongue, gums and every corner in your mouth.


The correct way to perform a good dental hygiene it to use these three to clean your mouth. you have to see it as a tripod that if you fail in one it will crumble. This can improve your dental hygiene by a lot and you can rest assure that you will kill all bacteria. Your mouth will be impervious to germ and bacteria that can infect your mouth and cause cavities in your teeth.

Biting hard things


This is one of those practices that many patient does but do not know if bad for their teeth. I have known so many patients that tend to bite ice or hard candy. It can be satisfying for them but it is seriously ruining your teeth. Other people bit pens and pencils, among other stuff too. What you need to know is that this habit wears down your teeth including the enamel. This is a fine coat that covers your tooth, without it the dentin is exposed.


This causes tooth sensitivity which is a bad sign for your dental health. It means your teeth are getting slowly grinding and you can lose them. That is why you have to stop this habit as soon as you can. You can get mouth guards to alleviate the pain and go to therapy. Everything has a solution and this is no exception. Any dental problem can be solved with a dental treatment so do not be discouraged if your teeth do not look good look.




This may caught a lot of you by surprise. Tongue piercings and such is a practice that is getting more and more popular each day. There is nothing wrong with it but you most know how to take care of it so it does not ruin your dental hygiene. If you got one you have to clean your teeth every day and take it out once in a while to let your mouth rest. If you do not it can slowly damage your teeth because of its movements.


Besides, depending of the metal it can oxidize and corrode, damaging your teeth. Hopefully you went to a professional to get yours and you won’t have that problem. Even so I cannot stress enough the importance of dental hygiene if you have some kind of dental modification. It can seriously avoid serious damage and problems in the long run. I suggest to consult with your dentist about this topic to get more info.


How to improve good dental practices

As we mentioned above, to improve your dental hygiene you need to have a complete routine. You have to brush your teeth, use dental floss and mouthwash. This is a ritual you have to perform every day, at least two times. Keeping your teeth nice and clean is one way to avoid problems over time. Most dental diseases can be avoided with a good dental hygiene, not even mentioning tooth decay and others.


The other way to improve good practices is to visit your dentist every 6 months. Going for regular checkups and cleaning will definitively improve your dental hygiene by a lot. I say it is mandatory for healthy teeth. Patients who ignore their dental visits will have great chances of dental diseases. What you can do is use our services to schedule a dental appointment with us to find the best dentists in Los Algodones.


Scheduling a dental appointment to save money


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