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How to get the best dental implants

Hello guys, welcome back to our humble blog. Dental implants are our most requested treatment by far. It is understandable as they are cost effective for what they offer. Many patients want a permanent solution for missing teeth and denture. With implants you will receive just that and more. Keep reading if you are interested in getting the best dental treatment for an affordable right.


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How to get the best dental implant treatment


The first thing you need to know is that an evaluation and consultation is imperative. It is the only way to know if you need dental implants. Some patients think they could just extract the teeth and get them installed, but it is not that simple. If your teeth are healthy then it is better to preserve them and evaluate other options. Even so it is a versatile treatment that can replace a single tooth to a whole denture.


Now that you know if you need dental implants you will get a CT scan. It is a 3D x-rays that will help the dentist to see if your jawbone can support them. If that the case, the procedure will begin normally. If not, then a bone graft will be needed to add enough bone to the jaw. This will slow the treatment down at least 6 months until the bone graft heals. After that, the implants can be placed with no problem at all thanks to a modern drill.


After the implants are put in place, a temporary tooth will cover it for the healing period. You will not receive the permanent tooth or denture after 6 months. Some patients can heal in 4 months, other in 8. In the meantime it is important that you follow the dentist’s instructions for the healing period. If you fail to do so you will ruin the treatment and lose your dental implants. Trust me, you do not want to drain all your hard earned money down the drain.


What to know about the healing period of dental implants

Some instructions to follow during the healing period are changing your diet. You have to eat soft foods and opt for liquids, your new implants cannot support any kind of weight or force. It can be too dangerous to do otherwise, so follow every instruction your dentists give you. As we said above, it can make your treatment fail and you will lose time and money.


Another important part of the process is having a good dental hygiene. Brushing correctly, using dental floss and mouthwash will keep everything neat and healthy. Then after the healing process you can return to the dental clinic to receive the permanent piece. It such awesome moment and I love seeing the before and after pictures with the smiles.


Regarding the material of the permanent piece I suggest going for porcelain. Its qualities are the same as natural teeth, so it is a good replacement to replicate the looks and feel. You can eat, speak and do everything normally. Besides they look absolutely gorgeous. If you have a bigger budget then zirconia is the best of the best. It is stronger and that makes it more durable in time. It may sound like expensive treatments but remember you can save 50% with our services.

Dental Bone Grafting

Closing words

I think that is all for today, hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot. I definitively love writing about these topics and helping you find affordable dental care in Los Algodones. If you liked it, leave a comment down below and share it with your friends. I want to remind you that we have tons of articles about topics regarding dental health and dental treatment. One of our most successful articles is the ones that teach you how to get the most out of your visit to Los Algodones.


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