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How to use the interdental brush correctly

Hi my friends, I want to tell you about an underrated dental item for cleaning your teeth. I’m talking about the interdental brush, this little fella can do wonders for your dental hygiene. As you may guess there exist many types of toothbrushes in out there. They can come in any shape or form, but, did you kwon about this one? If you are interested keep reading and check out or other articles.

Interdental brush? What is that?

This little toothbrush is very tiny and its bristles are tiny too. This is to allow it to clean between your teeth, that is the main objective here. Having one in your power will improve your dental hygiene avoiding many gum diseases and breath problems in the process. You can use the dental floss too, but it will not beat the interdental brush.

Before continuing I want to remind you that cleaning by a dentist every 6 months is mandatory. Cleaning your teeth at home is not enough, and we got your back, or should I say your teeth. For affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones Mexico use our contact form to receive the best prices in town to your email!

Say hello to my little friend

What you must know first is to follow the instructions in the package. The idea is to use slow and gentle strokes, tackle every angle, especially those tough to get. Do not use rapid and aggressive movements, you can cause damage to your gums and enamel. One useful trick is to rotate it slowly and nicely to get rid of the food debris in between the gums and teeth. Be carefully with them to avoid cutting them and if you see blood seek a dentist as soon as possible.

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