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Bad Breath: Common Causes

Absolutely every one of us have at some point experienced a case of bad breath. Either if it is at school, before a meeting, while we are shopping outside, we are all very self aware of how unnerving it can get to be. As such we will be reviewing just what causes this our breath to smell bad and what we can do about it.

Make sure to drink plenty of water

One of the most common reasons to suffer from bad mouth is to not drink enough water. Water helps rinsing off food remains as well as stimulates saliva production to protect you from the harmful bacteria. When you let the food sit in your mouth, bacteria starts feeding and releasing that awful stench.

You can also purchase a therapeutic mouthwash, not a common one. You see, a therapeutic mouthwash will get rid of bacteria in your mouth. Meanwhile a common mouthwash will just give you a refreshing breath that masks the bad breath for a while.


Brush everyday and correctly

The  best you can do to fight bad breath is to brush in the morning and before going to bed. That makes it twice a day you have to brush your teeth. Remember to listen to a song as you brush, as you should be brushing for at least 2 minutes!

Also, your toothbrush might come with a tongue scrapper on its back. You can know this if it has a sort of obvious rough surface. Make sure to use this to get rid of dead cells and food particles stuck in the tongue, as well as brush the inside of your cheeks. If your toothbrush does not come with a tongue scrapper, the brush’s bristles will do the job, but be gentle.

You can find all sorts of dental supplies such like mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and more in Los Algodones pharmacies.


Avoid smoking

The cigarettes and tobaccos fumes get stuck and stain your teeth. As such it is best to avoid this habit. Consider that not only it harms your teeth and gums, it is a sure road towards many types of cancer. The first step is to step out and look for help and support!


Other possibilities for bad breath

We must not discard the possibility that your bad breath might be caused by something else. It is common for bad breath to be caused by other dental problems. Things such like tooth decay, a rotting tooth, you get the point.

Other pathologies such as problems with nose, lungs, and overall the respiratory system can lead to develop bad breath.

Please check with your dentist or physician to make sure what could seem to be the issue here.


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