How to fight bruxism

Hi there dear friends, welcome once again to a new blog. I got lot of questions in the last days about bruxism. It is a terrible condition to suffer so let’s see how we can beat it. A huge portion of the United States population suffers from it so this article can help some of you. Seriously, if this can help someone to save their teeth I ... More

Why brushing your tongue can change your life

Hello dear readers, welcome to our dental blog again. Brushing your tongue is an activity that can change your dental health. Many patients overlook it and do not brush it. This can cause many diseases and problems in the future. That is why today I want to teach you about your tongue and dental hygiene. I want to help those people that are ... More

Best Dental treatments to improve your smile

Hello guys, hope you had a very nice weekend just like me. Today I want to show you some dental treatments that will improve your smile. After all, not every treatment is for every patient. That is why is so important to know what our options are first to make the right decision. There is a perfect treatment for every patient and this article ... More

All-on-4 technique

Learn a thing or two about the Allon4

The allon4 dental implants are getting more popular each passing day. It is not surprising at all, as it is pretty cheap for a full mouth restoration. Today I will talk about it so you end up knowing a thing or two about it. This also can help you the decision to get this procedure if you are on the fence. Stay until the end of this article ... More

How to get the best oral hygiene

Obtaining the best oral hygiene is easier than you may think. Many patients who come to our clinic say they have a difficult time maintaining good habits for good dental hygiene. Today I will make this ten times more easily thanks to a bunch of useful tips that are foolproof. You will get the smile of your dreams in no time if you read this ... More

Come to Los Algodones for dental treatment!

Hello guys, hope you are having a great weekend. I write this article because I receive a lot of questions about how to get dental treatment in Los Algodones. That is valid question, but there are other frequently asked questions about the town and our clinic. So I want to answer some of them today. This may help many of you that are on the ... More

Not going to the dentist is a mistake

Hi guys, welcome to our humble blog again. Today I want to list a couple of reasons why you should go to the dentist. Many people do not go to the dentist yearly as they should and only come to the office when it is too late. I hope this article help you to take better care of your teeth as brushing is not the only thing you should. So ... More

Should you get veneers or crowns?

Hello guys, welcome back to our awesome blog! Today I want to answer a popular question, which dental treatment is better, dental crowns or veneers? Both have their pros and cons, which is why I want to talk a bit about them. That way I can help you make a decision that will work for you perfectly based in your case. So stay until the end to ... More

Why cleaning your toothbrush is important

Hello guys, welcome to another article, today we will talk about cleaning your toothbrush. This is an activity that many people overlook. I do not think that I have to say it is a mistake, but it is. Cleaning your dental tools is far more important than you may think. What you put in our mouth also have an impact in your dental health. So ... More

Dental items you must have to improve your oral hygiene

Hi guys, hope you are having a great week. Dental items are an important topic because many people ignore them. They can be just as important as your dental hygiene routine. If you are missing at least one of the items in this list, you are taking your chances to suffer from many oral diseases such as gingivitis, cavities and more. If you ... More