Why using toothpick ruin your teeth

Hello guys, welcome back again to our awesome blog. Recently I got a question by a patient about using toothpick to clean between the teeth. Today I will write about the reasons why you should avoid using this tool. The answer can surprise lots of you that use very often toothpicks after every meal or other reasons. Let’s jump right into it ... More

If you see this, it’s time to see a dentist

Many patients fear dentists, and that is not good at all. Others simply are overconfident in their dental hygiene so they postpone their yearly appointment. I have heard many stories from patients that they go to the dentist every 5 years or so. I am really impressive this is pretty common because you should see one every 6 months for ... More

How to improve brushing technique correctly

Brushing technique is something you wanna improve every day. It is the basic for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. If you brush your teeth daily will ensure that you will run away from any dental disease that can ruin your life. Because this is so important, it is almost obligatory to have a good dental hygiene routine at home. I have met ... More

How to improve your dental health in 2023

Welcome back to our humble blog, where we discuss dental health. Hope you had a nice New Year and are seeking to improve your teeth’s health. The beginning of the year is the best time to start changing your habits to have a better smile. You can add them to your new year resolution so you can put an extra effort to it. Your dental is just ... More

Los algodones Mexico

Why 2023 is the best time to visit Los Algodones

Hello! Now that is the year ending, 2023 is the best time to visit Los Algodones. As you may know, there are many dental clinics in town with to low prices and high quality. Low risk, high reward, as I like to say.  This article goes for all of you that are on the fence about visiting this beautiful town next year for affordable dental ... More

Dental implants

How you to save money in Snap on Denture

Hello my dear readers, welcome back once again to this awesome blog. I will tell you about Snap on Denture implants. This is an overlooked treatment in Los Algodones because not many patients know about it. This is a perfect procedure for patients that wants dental implants but do not have enough budget for fixed dentures like the Alon4. ... More

Why smoking is really bad for your teeth

Hello dear readers, today I have a short article about why smoking is bad for your teeth. It is common knowledge that this is a pretty bad habit for your dental health. I have met many patients that are heavy smokers and that encouraged me to write this. I want to help you quit cigarettes as I was a heavy smoker once too. I know what is like ... More

How to have perfect white teeth

Identify why you have dental hygiene

Hi! Today I will help you identify habits that are very bad for your dental hygiene. Some of them are really popular, others simply overlooked. The most important thing is to point them out so you start to take better care of your teeth with a good dental care routine. Stopping doing mistakes in your daily routine is the first way to improve ... More

Dental Veneers

Where to get best dental veneers in Los Algodones

Having bad teeth can affect our confidence and self-esteem, no one can’t deny that it is a very important that the way our teeth look affects many areas of our lives. It is important that our smile look good in order to be at peace with ourselves. Unfortunately for some people, they have problems with their teeth. But do not despair, you ... More

How to brush your tongue at home

Cleaning your tongue is a habit that can change your dental health. Many people underestimate it and do not brush it because of whatever reason. This can cause many diseases and problems later. Today I want to teach you about why you should brush tongue for dental hygiene. I want to help those people that are struggling with their dental ... More