Los algodones Dental Bridges

When to pick bridge over crown

Hello my dear readers, today I want to teach you when to choose bridge over crown. This is a question I get a lot online form you, guys. It certainly a very interesting and important question because it can help you save money. And you know that here we care about helping you find affordable dental treatment. That is why we dedicate hours to ... More

Snap on denture, dental implants for you!

Today I will show you how you can save your hard-earned money in the Snap on Denture dental implant treatment. This is an underrated procedure both in the States and Los Algodones because it gives the patient a detachable denture fixed in dental implants. It can be really expensive in the States but you can get a good price can be easy with ... More

How to have perfect white teeth

How you can have White teeth easily

We all want beautiful white teeth, I know that, you know that. Many of us do not have perfect teeth due to coffee and other bad habits. It is really difficult to maintain a good healthy smile, that is why today I want to share some secrets that makes it easy. You can have perfect teeth and save money in the process; I want to teach you that ... More

Cleaning plaque from your teeth

Plaque is the cause of many problems to our dental health. I have seen lots of patients come to our clinic with diseases like gingivitis, dental caries, among others. Most of them seem troubled because they do not know what the cause is. The reason is very simple, it is due to plaque buildup. If you do not get rid of them, you can say good ... More

Best habits for dental health you cannot miss

Hello dear readers welcome back to our awesome dental blog. Today I want to teach you the best habits that are doing well for your dental hygiene. You must do them every day no matter what, do not quit as it is really easy to follow. A good dental hygiene is made from constancy and discipline. Luckily for you, this is really easy to achieve. ... More


If you have bad teeth read this

Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice week. Having bad teeth can be a downer, I know this for a fact. But luckily for you I have some advice for those of you that are seeking to improve your teeth. It is a combination of doing your homework and seeking help. Luckily for you we can help you on both ends, so this should be a piece of cake ... More

How to get an Implant Dentures cheaper in Los Algodones

Hi guys and welcome back to our humble blog. Today I will show you how you can save money in Implant Denture treatment, the snap on dentures. This is an overlooked treatment in the States and Los Algodones because it gives the patient a detachable denture supported dental implants. It can be expensive in the States but so getting a good price ... More

What you need to know before you get orthodontics

Hi! Today I want to tell you about orthodontics, one of the most requested treatments here at Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide. It is a treatment that can cost a couple of thousands of dollars in the United State, or a kidney if you catch my drift. So it is not a surprise that patients want to come to Los Algodones to get their teeth fixed. ... More

Top bad habits you must avoid right now

Hello dear readers, in today’s article I will tell you about the top bad habits you must not do to your teeth. Many patients that come to the clinic have crazy stories about how their teeth were ruined. I want to share some of their experience to teach you guys how you can avoid their bad habits. It is impressive how common these mistakes ... More


Why having the correct dental items matters for your dental health

Hello guys, hope you are having a good week. Dental items are an important topic to cover because many people can improve their teeth health thanks to them. They are just as important as your dental hygiene and you should have all the necessary tools to clean your teeth. If you are missing at least one, you are bound to suffer from many ... More