A briefing on popular dental treatments

Hello my friends, hope you are starting this year with the right foot. I want to start strong this blog by listing some of the most popular dental treatments in Los Algodones. You will read a in depth description about them and how to get the best price in town. Remember that if you have any question you can email us or fill the contact form ... More

Why a dental implants treatment sometimes fail

Hello everybody! hope you are having a great day and are looking for a nice weekend. Today I want to share a very important topic. It is a question I get a lot from many patients that are interested in getting dental implants. They read a lot online or had the bad experience of failing the treatment. There is a lot to consider so let’s dive ... More

Start 2021 with a white smile!

2020 Was a rough year for all of us, but I am sure next one will be better. Especially if we talk about dental treatment. That is why I will recommend you today some tips to begin the year towards a white smile. Keep reading if it sounds interesting and do not forget that we have tons of articles dedicated to dental in Los Algodones Mexico.... More

Why dental floss is important in your routine

Having a complete dental hygiene routine is important for our dental health. With a good routine we can avoid many diseases and create a beautiful smile. To achieve this you have to use all the tools at your disposal. One of these tools is the dental floss and today we are going to talk on why it is so important for your teeth. So buckle up ... More


do I need teeth whitening or cleaning?

Hello readers! Welcome to another interesting topic. Today I want to help those patients who have stained teeth and are unsure if they need a cleaning, teeth whitening or both. It is not a stupid question at all and in fact, it will make you smarter when making your appointment. Everyone wants a perfect white smile but does not want to spend ... More

Why dental implants are the best option

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another serious topic about cosmetic dentistry. Today I want to discuss about the importance of using dental implants for replacing teeth in patient. As many of you may know, implants are more and more popular than ever thanks to their effectiveness. If you are on the fence about getting implants, then this is the ... More

Important parts to clean in your mouth

Hello my dear readers. Welcome once again to another entry about dental care. Today I want to address important parts to clean in your mouth. Think of it as a in depth walkthrough of a good dental hygiene routine. You will be surprised how many patients fail to clean their teeth correctly. They miss so man spots and miss so many steps in the ... More

Whitening at home. Does it worth it?

I receive many emails from patients interested in whitening. One common subject is doing it at home. There are many videos and articles online that teach you how to have whiter teeth at home. It sounds easy and wonderful. But, does it really worth the try? Can it beat a dentist in a dental clinic?   Today I will throw my two cents ... More

How to use the interdental brush correctly

Hi my friends, I want to tell you about an underrated dental item for cleaning your teeth. I’m talking about the interdental brush, this little fella can do wonders for your dental hygiene. As you may guess there exist many types of toothbrushes in out there. They can come in any shape or form, but, did you kwon about this one? If you are ... More

Ideas to have whiter teeth

Hello my friends, How are you doing today? I honestly hope you are doing well. Today I have some ideas on how to get a whiter smile. These tips will answer one of my most frequently asked questions I get from patients. At the end of this article you will improve the way your smile looks and will surprise everybody with the new you! I ... More