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Tooth Stains: Which Food Should I Avoid?

There is always the chance of having tooth stains if we do not take care of our mouth properly. Even more so if we slack off and dismiss the oral basics such as brushing, flossing and rinsing!

So what food stains the teeth the most? Does that mean we have to avoid them at all cost? We will be addressing these questions here in this article with the help of Los Algodones dentists.


Keep an eye for food with dark colors

We would like to remind you that although these foods can stain your teeth, it does not mean you should avoid them in their entirety. Good oral habits are crucial, as well as drinking water in-between to remove the remaining food particles from your mouth!



This is one of the most usual foods that can cause tooth stains. Due coffee’s dark color and acidity, it can lead to discoloration of our precious teeth.

We recommend that you keep in mind when you go through your day sipping on it without rinsing nor brushing your mouth. Drinking water in between helps so that it does not stick to your teeth in long periods of time!



Like, coffee, tea has its own acidity that plays a role in staining as well.

Moreover, we stress that other than watching what you eat and drink, you also consider for how long it is exposed to your teeth!



Any wine that is deep in color can cause tooth stains. Likewise, wine has acidic components in it that makes it stain your teeth all that easier!

Another tip to consider, is that eating any sort of nuts along with it helps not only with your saliva production, but also removing plaque.



Deep pigmentation in spices and sauces such as curry, pasta sauce and others can play a factor. Take pasta sauces for example, not only do they have a high content of acidity, but also have a very rich and deep color to them. It is usually one of the most common reasons why people get tooth stains!


Food Coloring

These might be in candies or even in processed food. Since its job is to give color to the food, it can also end up being absorbed by your tooth enamel.



Sugary and acidic drinks leave your teeth pretty vulnerable to plaque, thus not only weakening them but leaving them susceptible to stains. This goes not only for soda, but sport drinks as well!



Richly pigmented fruits such as cherries and berries have a good chance at staining the teeth. Whether it is as a whole, juice, jam, or sauce, watch out for their sugar content too.


In addition, although not food, smoking and using tobacco products are also known to stain the teeth. The smoke inhaled has components in it that tends stick with our tooth enamel. It also gives bad breath!


Helpful tips against stains

  • Consider drinking through a straw. This helps avoiding the contact that staining foods have with your teeth. Furthermore, it also works with tooth decay!
  • Drink and eat sugary foods in moderation. Limiting how often you take them throughout the day makes it easier to take care of it all.
  • Keep a healthy diet. Eating balanced helps supply your body with the nutrients it needs, and also some greens out there are known to help your teeth.
  • Do not forget the oral basics! Brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth is needed to remove any food remnant and keep your smile sparkly clean.


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