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Brush Your Teeth: Basics & Tips

In order to attain a healthy, white smile, it is important to know how to properly brush your mouth. It is thanks to our trusty dental tools that we keep our teeth and gums free of plaque, and with a little bit of effort we get to have our adult teeth for a lifetime.

So in today’s article, we shall review just what oral basics help at keeping your mouth and teeth clean of bacteria. Not only will we be talking about why it is important, but also about the most common tips out there that you should be doing every time you wake up and go to sleep!


What is it about brushing that is so important?

Usually, after visiting or even during the dental checkup at the office, the dentist tells you some tips. These tips can range from the way you are brushing, spots you might be missing, or things you should not do.

Thanks to brushing our teeth we drive away an array of problems: bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and more! That is, of course, if it is performed as intended.

Los Algodones dentists give us some advice in order to perform these flawlessly. This way we make sure that we are indeed doing a thorough and efficient cleaning to our teeth.



This is a task that, when performed as it should, can net you a bright, healthy smile.

There are technicalities that we must follow in order to properly achieve it neatly. In the case of a good brush, we have plenty of information!

As such, Los Algodones dentists recommend:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day. It is also okay to do more times in a day if you see it necessary. You usually want to do so before going to sleep and after waking up, this way the bacteria won’t have time to harm your teeth as you are sleeping.
  • Brushing for 2 minutes each session. This has to do with brushing thoroughly while also giving time to the main components in toothpaste to do their job.
  • Paying close attention to each tooth. Make sure to pay attention to the back of your teeth, the molars in the far back, and also scraping your tongue and inner cheeks that also harbor bacteria.
  • Use soft, gentle strokes.



As our trusty tool to clean our precious teeth, it needs some attention as well. What is a good brushing technique with a subpar tool after all?

  • Taking care of your brush is quite simple, actually:
  • Store it in an uptight position, letting it dry. Since the brush is in contact with our mouth, it shares our bacteria. By keeping it in a dry and uptight position, you are halting the growth of germs.
  • Pick a toothbrush with soft bristles. As you are seeking to remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth, soft bristles are more than enough. Brushing with hard bristles can wear down your tooth enamel in the long run.
  • Replace your toothbrush every six months or when the bristles are frayed.



Someone might have used a little bit too much toothpaste.

Now what would a good brush session be without a good toothpaste?

There are many brands and types out there, so what would be a staple one to go for? A very popular and safe choice is a fluoride one.

  • Remember that there are many, many kinds to choose from. Use this to your advantage as some are more effective at dealing with other issues. Gum disease, tooth decay, plaque, and whitening toothpastes are some examp les.
  • Do not use a lot of toothpaste on your brush. This might prompt you to spit the foam too early than recommended. Instead just use a pint-size amount.


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