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Teeth Whitening: Different Options

We have all pondered the idea of teeth whitening at some point, but how do we tackle this? If you have  happen to have researched a bit before hand, you will notice that there are way too many types and products out there.

So before going into it without knowing the essentials, we have gathered all the options right here. There are treatments you can do at home and treatments in the dental office here in Los Algodones! So we will list you the essentials of what each of them do:


At-Home Teeth Whitening

This is better known as whitening trays, and can come in two types: a custom whitening system from your dentists or a OTC product from the store.

The process itself is done at home. It uses a tray which is shaped like a mouth guard to which a whitening gel solution is then applied. This is then put on your teeth for the fixed time in either the product or your dentist’s instruction, typically two hours or even throughout the night.

The perks of getting it from your dentist is that the tray will be custom-made to fit your mouth, while also returning to the office for the dentist to evaluate how things are going.


Over-the-Counter products

Such as whitening strips and gels, toothpaste, as well as generic whitening trays with gel.

These options are not nearly as strong as the ones used in a dental office since the components used in these have to be safe for customer. Due this, it takes patience and time before you see any effect on your teeth!


Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

While all toothpastes help remove surface stains to some degree, sometimes it is better to opt for a stronger product at that. That’s why we have whitening toothpastes.

By making use of abrasives and polishing agents, these toothpastes help removing surface stains more easily.

Take into account that the whitening can be from one to three shades depending on the case.


Whitening Strips and Gel

These are a small set of instruments for whitening your teeth at home.

They bring strips and/or gels which are applied to your teeth with the help of a brush. The strength of the peroxide used to whiten your teeth varies from product to product.

If applied correctly, you can expect to see results throughout four mon ths.


Whitening Rinse

These act like mouthwashes, so all you have to look for is a bottle. Other than helping with your bad breath and reducing plaque buildup, these help at whitening your teeth slightly.

By using hydrogen peroxide in its components, it can achieve a shade or two lighter, though usually throughout 12 weeks. Some experts even say that there are much better options at it as it is not too focused, being only applied for a short time every day.


In-Office whitening

This is usually the go to choice if you want really quick results while being extremely safe, as the ingredients are in higher concentration and applied by a professional.

The strength of the gel can irritate your gums, so they are first protected from it. After that the rest of the treatment is done quickly and in only one session. The dentist applies a really concentrated gel onto your teeth for the necessary amount of time. This can trigger either by heat or through a special light, or even by laser!

After the session, the teeth whitening treatment can achieve as much as 10 shades lighter.


Is it permanent?

Sadly, the effects last from six months to 1 year. This is due your teeth getting stained again through food again.

In order to enjoy the whitening process for a longer time, you ought to take care of your smile by daily brushing and flossing!


If you are interested in whitening procedures, Los Algodones dentists achieve astounding results at that while keeping good prices. A little trip to Mexico and you will be leaving with a big, bright smile!