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What you need to know before you get orthodontics

Hi! Today I want to tell you about orthodontics, one of the most requested treatments here at Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide. It is a treatment that can cost a couple of thousands of dollars in the United State, or a kidney if you catch my drift. So it is not a surprise that patients want […]

All you need to know about braces

Hellos guys, let’s continue talking about dental treatment here. Today is braces’ turn, one of the most requested treatments at our clinic. It is a treatment that can cost a couple of thousands of dollars in the United State. So it is not a surprise that patients want to come to Los Algodones to get […]

Take care of your teeth while using brackets

Brackets and orthodontics in general are an important part in the treatment of many patients. It is such an important step because thanks to them you can correct your teeth and bite. The results of orthodontics are incredible and if you follow all the instructions provided for your dentist your teeth will end up perfect. […]

Tips for orthodontics users

Hello guys, let’s see some recommendation for orthodontics users together. It is important because during its usage, you have to maintain superb dental hygiene and follow your dentist’s instructions. Fail to do so and you teeth will end up all crooked. This is especially hard for teenagers because they find braces really annoying. It is […]


Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is responsible for correcting teeth and bones positioned incorrectly or wrongly called “bent”. Generally, dental pieces that are in a bad position or that don’t perform a correct bite are the most likely to be at risk of caries, oral or periodontal diseases, and at the same time, […]

Orthodontic Treatment: How Braces Affect Your Bite

How could we forget those special years in our teenage lives where braces were a thing? Years where we worried a little bit too much about how we looked and what others thought of us. It is thanks to this orthodontic treatment that we are now able to fix an abnormal bite and smile with […]

Braces comparison: Lingual braces & Invisalign

Good day, everybody! For today’s article we shall be talking about these two braces: lingual & invisalign. This way we will be telling you first what they are, what they can accomplish, their advantages and disadvantages, and also how to take care of them. Braces are an orthodontic treatment to help align and fix a […]