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There may be a beneficiary relationship between seafood and teeth. Specifically benefiting the three out of four people who suffer from teeth sensitivity. Sensitivity usually manifests itself when teeth come in contact with hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and drinks. This condition occurs when the hard outer enamel layer on teeth. And the softer underlying dentine wears away stimulating the nerves inside. Although sugar-free gums and certain toothpaste help ease the pain. Researchers have been looking for better alternatives to restore teeth.


In fact, recent research was inspired by a specific sea creature named mussel. This creature has a very particular trait which is a natural adhesive that helps them stick to rocks. This secretion could help cure sensitive teeth. This creature’s secretion is being studied to create a compound which could be used to help repair damaged teeth. Scientists pretend to come up with a substance which could restore both enamel and dentine at the same time. Set substance should be a similar material that could help keep minerals in contact with dentin long enough for the teeth to rebuild.
During the experimental phase of this research, a sticky polydopamine material mixed with the minerals calcium and phosphate was created. Teeth bathed in this material and minerals reformed dentine and enamel.
In contrast, teeth bathed just in minerals reformed only enamel.
The intended substance researchers pretend to find is a simple universal technique to induce enamel and dentin remineralization simultaneously


Further research which compared the microstructure of human and shark teeth resulted in the discovery that shark teeth despite being coated with super-tough enamel, they are no stronger than the teeth found in your average human being. This discovery could assist in the design of stronger dentures. Shark teeth have an interior of elastic dentine and an outer layer of hard enamel toughened by the fluorine-based mineral fluorapatite. Human enamel is softer, consisting of the mineral hydroxyapatite, which is also present in bones. But because of their structure, the overall strength of human teeth was on a par with that of the shark.

Benefits of Seafood in general

Seafood such as shrimp and fish are packed with nutrients that are great for your teeth and oral health. And a happy smile can often lead to healthier nutrition and a healthy body.
Fish and shrimp are full of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. These acids prevent inflammation in the body. In fact taking omega 3s will give you a 30% less chance of contracting gum disease. It’s also been discovered that omega 3s may have antibacterial properties. This means that an infection in the mouth could be slowed down or stop growing, thanks to omega-3s. It’s like another layer of protection for your teeth.