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5 Possible Reasons You Have Bad Breath

Even though it is commonly known as bad breath, the worst form of this buccal problem is called Halitosis and affects most of the people at least once in their life. The main and more known fact about bad breath is that no one really likes to have it or even getting close to someone who has this disgusting problem.

Have you noticed or has someone told you that you have bad breath? Have you tried to get rid of this issue but didn’t succeed at it? Read the following 5 possible reasons you have bad breath and identify where your problem comes from in order to get rid of it once and for all.


  1. Lack of saliva flow: saliva is very helpful to keep the breath fresh as it washes away food particles and bacteria off the mouth. Therefore, the lack of saliva, also known as dry mouth, can cause the apparition of infections and bad breath, as other problems as well. If you present a dry feeling in your mouth or throat, frequent thirst, raw tongue, sores at the corners of the mouth or cracked lips, the lack of saliva can be the reason of your bad breath.


In case dry mouth is the reason of your problem, your dentist could recommend you to eat sugar-free candy, drink more liquids or use artificial saliva.


  1. Gum disease: the gum disease is caused when there’s an accumulation of plaque on the teeth that produces a lot of bacteria in the mouth. Those bacteria also cause bad breath. If you can see that your gums are swollen, red or bleed while you brush your teeth then maybe this could be the reason of your halitosis.


  1. Bad oral hygiene: if you don’t have a good oral hygiene routine you will constantly have bad breath. It is important to brush and floss your teeth every day in order to clean the remains of food that can stay in your mouth and generate bacteria, causing bad breath as result.


  1. Tobacco: smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the common factors that causes Halitosis, to fight this problem it is recommendable to stop this habit.


  1. Medical disorders: sometimes the causes of bad breath are not related to any problem or oral infections but to diabetes, liver or kidney disease, infections of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal disorder, etc. If you maintain a good oral hygiene or don’t present any other of the problems mentioned before, you should visit your dentist to confirm if you have good oral health or to determine if you should visit another medical specialist to identify what kind of complication is causing the unpleasant bad breath.


If you have already identified a possible reason why your Halitosis is caused, take in count the named solutions to start a treatment against the foul breath. In case any of these complications don’t apply to you, visit your dentist so you can find out what your problem is and the best solution for it.

Could you identify where your bad breath comes from?