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Dental Implants: All-on-6

When looking for the solution to support a new set of teeth, an All-on-6 offers everything from stability to functionality. But how does it work? How is the procedure? What’s the difference with the All-on-4 or All-on-8? We shall delve into this procedure and clear any questions thanks to Los Algodones dentists.


What is an All-on-6?

An All-on-6 is a procedure that uses six dental implants to support a whole arch of teeth. It is perfect for the people that have lost all of their teeth or most of them, and are looking to recover the functionality and aesthetics of natural teeth.

The technique itself has been on use and constant improvement since 1980. Before that time, each and every tooth would need a dental implant themselves, which requires not only more materials, but also time and more bone to work with.


Benefits and advantages

  • They can be used as soon as you get them. Once the procedure is over, you will be able to use your teeth without problem.
  • Procedure is quick. Only six dental implants are needed to support a whole arch of teeth.
  • Reduced cost. Since less materials are being used, not only is it fast but also cheaper.
  • Efficient placement for maximum stability. The way the dental implants are spread gives good support even if the patient is lacking more bone tissue than usual.
  • Regain functionality and appearance right away. You will be able to eat, smile without worries of how your teeth look.
  • They are fixed in place. Unlike dentures, All-on-6 are fixed into place so they do not have to be taken off at any given time.
  • Easy to take care. They look just like natural teeth and must be taken care of as such to avoid staining.


All-on-4 and All-on-6

Sure enough All-on-4 and All-on-6 are pretty similar, they both work with dental implants to anchor a new set of teeth. Yet there are some small differences.

It all stems from the amount of dental implants that make each procedure. Naturally, All-on-6 uses six implants and All-on-4 uses four, this means that with the later there is less stress put on the patient’s mouth. Both have go easy on the patient’s mouth when it comes to the amount of work, but of course an All-on-4 would take less time to heal as there are less implants used.


All-on-6 procedure

Here in Los Algodones we take our share of measures to know what we are working with. As such, before any procedure is tackled, we run some exams and x-rays on the patient to know that their mouth can support the six dental implants a 100%.

The procedure itself is rather simple and straight forward. It all starts by cleaning and making sure the environment is safe to work with. Then titanium dental implants are placed into the jaw as they are both durable and integrate well into the bone structure. They will be acting as anchors for the denture-like prosthetic.

After everything is placed correctly, the patient is given a temporary prosthetic to use. This is because the real deal takes a bit more of time to make, as it needs to meet quality and durability standards.


Does All-on-6 require any special care?

Once you have them fitted in your mouth, then you can start treating them like natural teeth.

As such, it is important to brush them twice a day to remove bacteria and staining agents from the surface. Los Algodones dentists recommend scheduling a visit at least once every six months, it will help not only help tracking its development but also will aid in diagnosing any other problem mouth related.