Dental Health: Best & Worth Drinks For You

 On our quest to improve our dental health, one of the recurrent topics is: which drinks are good for our teeth? You will be surprised to know that there are drinks that are quite beneficial for your teeth as there are others that can cause some serious damage in the long run if the proper measurements are not taken.For today's ... More

Tongue Scrapping: What Is It & Benefits

As our days go by, we usually worry about our teeth, but what about the tongue? The mouth is plagued by bacteria, plus we are constantly chewing and ingesting good. Without tongue scrapping, chances are there are trapped bacteria in there, as well as plaque and even food remnants.So for today's article, we shall be talking about tongue ... More

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Clean

It is always good to have the knowledge and understand of what can lead us to a clean and healthy smile. So in order to capitalize on that, we are going to give you some tips that will surely help you maintain just that!This article will have some general tips that seek to keep your teeth in good shape throughout the day. Los Algodones ... More

Children and Early Tooth Decay: Detection and Prevention

As parents, we worry about all aspects of our child's life, we want the best for them after all!  Early dental health is one of those things we want our kid to learn about, so getting them to know the daily habits to keep their teeth in good shape is important.In today's article we will be talking about early tooth decay, how we can ... More

What Stress Does To Your Mouth

Greetings, everybody! Stress is quite the factor when it comes to oral health. Emotional health plays an important factor when it comes to our pearly whites, why is that? Well, it goes down to stress and anxiety inducing harmful behaviors that can affect the smile.So for today's article we will reviewing just how stress can affect this. ... More

Tooth Clenching: Bad Habit

Our smile is something we have to protect. It is not only through brushing and flossing that we can accomplish this, but also through avoiding certain habits. Clenching and grinding our teeth is one of them.Your dental health is something that concerns us here in Los Algodones. So we are going to give you some hindsight what this clench... More

Secrets For A Great Oral Health

Sure you might have seen good tips here and there, there is no denial in that. What we will be covering today are signs and behaviors that might cut back your oral health. Personal habits are important to keep, failing to do so only chips away more and more from the gorgeous smile we set our minds into.This is why we have asked Los ... More

Baby Bottle: Baby’s Oral Care

Infants and babies alike are susceptible to tooth decay just as much as we are. One such way for them to be exposed to this is through their baby bottle. For this reason, we, as parents, have to be attentive to its contents and for how long our babies have them.In this article we shall be talking about how baby bottle can affect our ... More

Brushing Basics: Getting It Right

When talking about brushing, it is not just about scrubbing our teeth with a toothbrush. It is important to not only be careful with how hard you brush your teeth, but also that you are getting through on all the necessary places. This is why for today's article we will be talking about how to do it right.We have asked Los Algodones ... More

Brushing Too Hard: Signs You Are Harming Your Teeth And Gums

When brushing, we all want to get rid of all the food and plaque from our teeth, but are there signs that we've been doing it wrong? Los Algodones dentists recommend not only brushing softly but also for the right amount of time. This way you avoid harming not only your teeth but also your gums!So for today's article, we will be talking ... More