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Evolution and Current Trends in Accelerated Orthodontics: Enhancing Braces Efficiency and Comfort

Accelerated orthodontics, a significant trend in dental braces, has evolved since A. Flores’ research in 2016. This field has seen advancements in techniques that speed up tooth movement and shorten treatment time, revolutionizing orthodontic care.

We take a moment today to evaluate the recent trends in orthodontics and the key points you should know.

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The Evolution of Accelerated Orthodontics Since 2016

Rapid Advancements in Braces Technology

Since 2016, accelerated orthodontics has undergone various technological advancements, enhancing both the effectiveness and efficiency of braces treatment.

Key Developments:

  • Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO): Techniques like AOO and PAO help shorten treatment time while maintaining periodontal integrity (P. Addanki, J. Gooty, R. Palaparthy, 2016).
  • Advanced Braces Technology: Innovations like self-ligating brackets and lingual braces have improved treatment length and esthetics (A. Bonnick, Mark Nalbandian, M. Siewe, 2011).
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Techniques Accelerating Orthodontic Treatment

Reducing Treatment Time and Enhancing Outcomes

Various techniques have been developed to accelerate tooth movement, making orthodontic treatment more efficient and patient-friendly.

Accelerating Techniques:

  • LED-Mediated Photobiomodulation Therapy (LPT): Accelerating tooth movement and improving miniscrew stability (Akanksha Kumar et al., 2021).
  • Surgical Orthodontic Techniques: Increasing orthodontic efficiency and affordability (W. Bell, R. Finn, P. Buschang, 2009).
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Recent Technological Innovations in Orthodontics

Embracing New Tools and Techniques

Recent advancements in orthodontics include the use of 3D printing, advanced diagnostic aids, and biomaterials, which have revolutionized treatment planning and execution.


  • 3D Printing and Diagnosis: Enhancing treatment planning and implementation (Narayan H. Gandedkar et al., 2019).
  • New Biomaterials in Braces: Utilizing advanced materials for improved appliance design and treatment strategies (M. Abdallah et al., 2019).
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Challenges and Future Directions

Overcoming Barriers and Looking Ahead

The implementation of accelerated orthodontic techniques faces challenges like cost and patient compliance, but the future holds promising innovations for further advancements.

Future Prospects:

  • Gene Therapy in Orthodontics: Potential to accelerate tooth movement significantly (P. Atsawasuwan, S. Shirazi, 2018).
  • Photobiomodulation in Treatment: Reducing treatment time in the alignment phase of orthodontic treatment (C. Kau et al., 2013).


Accelerated orthodontics has transformed the field of braces since 2016, with new technologies and techniques making treatments faster, more efficient, and more patient-friendly. As the field continues to evolve, these advancements promise to further enhance orthodontic care.

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