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Tooth Stains: Keeping Stains Away

We all have looked in the mirror and noticed that our teeth’s color is not as white as other people’s, that is due tooth stains. This is actually pretty normal as there are several reasons and causes why our pearly whites might be some shades darker. In today’s article, we shall see what causes stains […]

Common Oral Health Problems

Taking care of our mouth and teeth is something we should be doing daily. Failing to do so not only is detrimental to our teeth, but also to other aspects of our lives! Problems such as bad breath, tooth discoloration, gum disease and tooth decay are only some of the examples. For this, our Los […]

Tooth Stains: Which Food Should I Avoid?

There is always the chance of having tooth stains if we do not take care of our mouth properly. Even more so if we slack off and dismiss the oral basics such as brushing, flossing and rinsing! So what food stains the teeth the most? Does that mean we have to avoid them at all […]