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Orthodontic Treatment: How Braces Affect Your Bite

How could we forget those special years in our teenage lives where braces were a thing? Years where we worried a little bit too much about how we looked and what others thought of us. It is thanks to this orthodontic treatment that we are now able to fix an abnormal bite and smile with confidence.So for this article we will ... More

Dental Implants: All-on-6

When looking for the solution to support a new set of teeth, an All-on-6 offers everything from stability to functionality. But how does it work? How is the procedure? What's the difference with the All-on-4 or All-on-8? We shall delve into this procedure and clear any questions thanks to Los Algodones dentists.  What ... More

Why Tap Water Is So Important

There are many reasons why it is important to stay hydrated. Dental health being one of them! Tap water helps in so many aspects to our body that it is important to acknowledge its benefits. So in today's article we shall be addressing what makes it so special.We shall be addressing things like its relationship with ... More

Dental X-Rays: What Are They For?

Greetings, everybody! Whenever we pay a visit to the dentist, sometimes we have to get ourselves a little X-ray. Why is that? What are they for? Should I be worried? How many types are there? This and many more questions will be answered thanks to the aid of Los Algodones dentists.  What are X-rays and what are they ... More

Braces comparison: Lingual braces & Invisalign

Good day, everybody! For today's article we shall be talking about these two braces: lingual & invisalign. This way we will be telling you first what they are, what they can accomplish, their advantages and disadvantages, and also how to take care of them.Braces are an orthodontic treatment to help align and fix a ... More

Root Canal: What Is It?

Whenever we have a problem with our teeth, it is important to know what options we have to our disposals. A root canal is a treatment that can save a tooth's life, and we will be explaining that shortly.With the help of Los Algodones dentists, we shall put down all the information you need to know about what a root canal ... More

Common Procedures For A White and Healthy Smile

When looking to have a perfect, white smile, then there are certainly some cosmetic procedures that will catch your eye. These procedures aim for not only improving the appearance of teeth, but they can also strengthen them and protect them at the same time as well!So in today's article, we shall tell you a little bit about ... More