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Dental Floss: Why Is It Important?

Taking proper care of our teeth is a crucial part of our lives. As such the small tasks such as brushing and using floss daily is what makes our natural teeth not only healthier but last longer.  Why is floss important in our lives? Using dental floss allows to clean thoroughly between our teeth.  It is an added ... More

Dealing With Canker Sores

Greetings! In today's article we shall be talking a little bit about canker sores. They can be really painful spots inside our mouths which can pose a problem to our daily lives. I am sure you must have had them at some point in your lives, some more often than others.But what are they? How can we know they are exactly that ... More

Gummy Smile: What Is That?

If your smile shows up a lot more gum than teeth, then you might have what people call a gummy smile. A gummy smile is just an aesthetic issue for many people, and it does absolutely nothing towards the function and work of the teeth!Even so, for those that want a more toothy smile, Los Algodones dentists fills us up with ... More

Teeth Grinding: What To Do

You might have found yourself in a situation where you find yourself grinding your teeth, either consciously or not. This type of behavior not only brings unnecessary stress on our mouth and neck area but also can shape our mouth and give way to other complications.We have spoken with Los Algodones dentists about what ... More

Oral Care: Important Habits

Taking care of our teeth is something we must do every day in order to have a good oral care. Otherwise our teeth would slowly get weaker until they are not good anymore!In order to improve our oral health, we must brush, floss and drive away bacteria and plaque from our teeth. So we raise you this article as a reminder ... More

Common Oral Health Problems

Taking care of our mouth and teeth is something we should be doing daily. Failing to do so not only is detrimental to our teeth, but also to other aspects of our lives! Problems such as bad breath, tooth discoloration, gum disease and tooth decay are only some of the examples.For this, our Los Algodones dentists recommend ... More

Tooth Stains: Which Food Should I Avoid?

There is always the chance of having tooth stains if we do not take care of our mouth properly. Even more so if we slack off and dismiss the oral basics such as brushing, flossing and rinsing!So what food stains the teeth the most? Does that mean we have to avoid them at all cost? We will be addressing these questions here ... More