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Creating smiles Dentists are able to improve not only our smiles but the general appearance of our face. Orthodontic treatment influences the way the face shapes and forms over time. An orthodontist chooses a course of action for our individual situation. In this case, orthodontics, are in charge of moving the teeth into a ... More


Maintaining your own oral health is not difficult, time-consuming or expensive. It is actually very easy. Here are tips to follow that will keep your mouth healthy.  Sip drinks through a straw to help prevent acid erosion.Scrape your tongue to eliminate bad breath. Floss before you brush to get rid of food ... More


In hopes of providing efficient, long-lasting services that please patients. Dentists have turned to new technologies such as digital impressions for assistance. As well as in-office CAD/CAM restorations in order to improve your smile. These are awesome practice enhancements that result to be both consistent and long-lasting.... More


Composite resins have become the material of choice for aesthetic restorations. Many clinicians have developed different adhesive techniques which we will be mentioning below. Adhesive Techniques Composite resin restorations require modern adhesive placement techniques that allow for more natural aesthetics. Also the ... More


Sedation allows your body to relax. It also helps our minds to relieve anxiety during a procedure.Types of Medication It’s a dentist job to decide which medications are appropriate for treatment. Though this might make us doubt if he or she is making the correct choice.  Having somewhat knowledge about oral sedation ... More


Many children find comfort by sucking on hands, fingers or pacifiers. Parents often wonder if these sucking habits can create a problem for a child's teeth or mouth. Sucking is completely normal for babies and young children. It provides security. In fact, babies begin to suck on their fingers or thumbs even before they are ... More


 Exposing your teeth to cold winter air can be just as painful as consuming hot and cold foods and beverages. Breathing cold air through the mouth can cause teeth and dentin to contract and then expand. This causes stress which can result in cracks forming. These cracks may not be visible and do not compromise the ... More


  Braces are amongst the most common orthodontic procedures both in teenagers and adults. But if you're new to the idea and want to know what comes after braces here's what you can expect when your braces finally come off.  Removal Firstly you can expect for a specialized orthodontist to check and ... More