Los Algodones Dentists Guide


Sedation allows your body to relax. It also helps our minds to relieve anxiety during a procedure.

Types of Medication

It’s a dentist job to decide which medications are appropriate for treatment. Though this might make us doubt if he or she is making the correct choice.  Having somewhat knowledge about oral sedation medication and procedure might be empowering for you. Knowing what to expect can relieve any uncertainty about sedation.

Brands such as Valium®, Halcion®, Sonata®, Ativan®, Vistaril® and Versed®. Are often prescribed for sedation purposes. Most of these belong to a class of medications called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines usually prescribed for the treatment of anxiety. It also treats insomnia, agitation, seizures, and muscle spasms.

Like any medication they all have different effects on the body. Such as the span of time in which its effective. The needed dosage can vary depending on whether swallowed or placed under the tongue. The drugs take effect anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Some varieties of the medication have “amnesic” properties. This meaning that you remember little or nothing of your time in the dental chair.

Forms of Sedation

Oxygen Sedation is another form of sedation this done by inhaling nitrous oxide. Used by dentists for over 100 years this method is an excellent pain reliever. Nitrous oxide is safe because its mixed with oxygen. It provides you with a feeling of euphoria or light headedness. All body functions remain normal. You may experience a tingling sensation from the use of nitrous oxide. But, its effects wear off almost immediately.

Combained with an oral sedative, nitrous oxide allows your dentist to fine-tune the exact amount of sedation needed. To provide you with the best possible experience.

A surgical specialist must handle sedation through an IV. Specialist like oral surgeons who must undertake specialized training and certification in IV use. With this type of injected sedation, medication  into the blood stream.

This method works immediately and the level of sedation can vary. There is a higher degree of risk associated with IV sedation. Since normal body functions especially heart rate, blood pressure and breathing needs specialized monitoring equipment. The drugs used for IV Sedation are quite potent. More so than when taken by mouth amnesia also may be more profound.

Specialized Dentist

Make sure your treatment is being given by a highly qualifed dentistry specialist. Don’t hesitate to ask for information on your dentist’s training. As well as credentials, and the techniques that may result needed during the procedure.


Clarify any concerns with your dentist before the procedure. This will help both of you decide on the best treatment option. Keep in mind there now are safer and tested sedation options available.

To ensure that you have a positive and painless experience. Schedule an appointment with us today and find out more about oral sedation. Meanwhile maintain your oral hygene routine to ensure oral health by brushing for at least 2 minutes twice a day everydat as well as flossing.