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Extraction of wisdom teeth

Extraction of wisdom teeth

It’s a dental surgical procedure, in which one or more wisdom teeth can be extracted; these are permanent teeth of adults located at the upper and lower ends of the mouth. This may be in charge of a dentist or oral surgeon  Procedure  Everything will depend on how deep your wisdom teeth are, in some […]


Pericoronitis is an infection or swelling of the gum tissue that occurs around the Wisdom Teeth. This dental disorder can bring many complications if left untreated, extending the infection and pain to other surrounding areas of the third molars as the jaw, cheeks or neck. Why The Wisdom Teeth? The Wisdom Teeth, also known as […]


Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars, they usually appear around the later age of sixteen and twenty years old, but in some cases, they never grow out of the gums. These molars are the last to grow on each side of the lower and upper gums, next to the second molars. The way […]