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Dental implants

The oral cavity is one of the most delicate areas of the body. Not only for its aesthetic value, but for the health problems that we may be victims of due to poor hygiene or a bad procedure. Dental implants are elements that are located under a surgical procedure in the maxillary bones, under the gums. Once installed ... More

Extraction of wisdom teeth

It’s a dental surgical procedure, in which one or more wisdom teeth can be extracted; these are permanent teeth of adults located at the upper and lower ends of the mouth. This may be in charge of a dentist or oral surgeon  Procedure  Everything will depend on how deep your wisdom teeth are, in some cases ... More

Dental Floss: Why Is It Important?

Taking proper care of our teeth is a crucial part of our lives. As such the small tasks such as brushing and using floss daily is what makes our natural teeth not only healthier but last longer.   Why is floss important in our lives? Using dental floss allows to clean thoroughly between our teeth.  It is an added ... More

Dealing with Dental Plaque

In the subject of taking care of your teeth, dental plaque will be the most common topic you will hear about. You see, plaque buildup is dangerous not only for your teeth, but also your gums. If you find your teeth slightly covered in a slimy substance, then you should start doing something about it! We will be reviewing the ... More